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    Holotropic Breathwork

    Holotropic Breathwork ™ is a powerful practice of self-exploration, personal transformation and healing based on insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology, and various spiritual practices. Non-ordinary states of consciousness are induced through intensified natural breathing done to evocative music. These states activate the spontaneous healing potential of the psyche. Holotropic Breathwork was developed by the world renowned transpersonal psychologist Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina Grof. Dr. Grof is the author of many books including The Cosmic Game; Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy, and The Adventure of Self Discovery.


    Who Should Participate?

    Holotropic Breathwork is valuable for persons interested in deep inner exploration, persons who seek an adjunct to individual psychotherapy, and those seeking to deepen and enrich their spiritual path. Holotropic Breathwork opens up access to all levels of the human psyche including unfinished business from personal history, birth memories, residues of trauma stored in the body, and the entire spectrum of transpersonal experiences. The process is designed to honor the intrinsic wisdom of the body and psyche and to activate the inner healer. 

    The session provides a safe, supportive environment in which each participant can fully engage the emerging sensations, emotions or memories without judging or analyzing them.

    Holotropic Breathwork is particularly helpful for recovering alcoholics and drug-addicts, provided that they have already quit their unhealthy habits.



    Since Breathwork may sometimes involve an intense physical experience it is not appropriate for pregnant women, persons with glaucoma, epilepsy, serious heart conditions, persons who have recently broken bones or had recent surgery or persons with serious mental illnesses.  



    Small group and private sessions are available. Participants are instructed before the beginning of the session about the practice and theory of Holotropic Breathwork. Following the breathwork session participants are invited to do some integrated work consisting of Mandala Drawing, which reflects in a non-verbal way the session they just experienced. Later, they are invited to verbally share their experience with the facilitator. A small meal will conclude the session and will help them feel grounded before they leave. 


    For more information on Holotropic Breathwork please visit: www.grof-holotropic-breathwork.net or www.holotropic.com