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    2018 Courses and Classes:

    Reiki 1 Class on Saturday June 9 from 10am to 5pm

    Call or text Maria at 805-280-8395 to reserve your spot in the class

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    Smoke Cessation

    "It was the most amazing experience! I stopped smoking after 25 years in one single session and never smoked again!" RK 

    "Maria is an extraordinary hypnotherapist. Not only did she help me stop smoking after 20 years of habit, but she also taught me some effective techniques to handle stress." VC  

    "It was one of the most life affirming things I ever did. I would not have been able to stop smoking without Maria's help." DM 

    "I tried patches and gums and took classes. Nothing worked for me. With Maria's help I stopped smoking after 35 years and never looked back again." CJ 

    "Hypnosis with Maria is so wonderful! And it works. She is such a talented hypnotherapist and smoking cessation specialist and such a compassionate, warm and funny person." RA 

    "Two years ago, I was on vacation in Santa Barbara and tried Maria's program. She helped me stop smoking in just one session. That was the best gift I ever brought back home from a trip." NH 

    "I drove down from Lompoc to take her program and it was well worth the ride. To stop smoking was easy with her treatment. I had tried patches and gums and pills with no luck." KS 

    "I stopped smoking three years ago with Maria after a 35 year old habit. I feel and look great and it was a breeze. She also taught me techniques to lower stress levels." JF 

    "She saved my life. My health had been compromised by more than 30 years of smoking almost two packs a day. I stopped smoking with Maria three years ago and my health has tremendously improved. Stopping wasn't difficult at all." RS 

    "I just couldn't believe how easy it was. I've been recommending her smoking cessation hypnosis treatment to friends and colleagues from all over Ventura County. Whoever tried her was very happy with her treatment and stopped smoking." KT 



    "I took Maria's class for Reiki 1 and 2 - one year apart. She created a very touching ceremony and a beautiful learning environment. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking a Reiki class." CW 

    "Maria is a very organized and inspired teacher. Her Reiki energy is tremendously high and powerful. I took a Reiki 1 class with her and hope to move on to level 2 pretty soon." RM 

    "As a cancer patient, I particularly appreciated her compassionate caring and her soothing Reiki energy." BF 

    "Her Reiki classes were very inspiring. She is a great teacher and a wonderfully compassionate practitioner." DL 

    "Her treatments were awesome. What energy! I also took her classes and learnt Reiki from her. Beautiful teaching and marvelous ceremony." BR 


    Holotropic Breathwork

    "Holotropic Breathwork is one of the most powerful healing modalities I know of.   For me it has been a very effective means of emotional release, as well as an opportunity to connect up with the Great Mystery." L.M., shaman

    "Heavy, deep and real - a star trek journey into deep space. Jack and Maria provide a safe place for me to enter unchartered fascinating territory." N.M., poet

    "Participating in four HB workshops has made me want to come back for more. It has also given me tentative answers to two questions that preoccupy me.  (1) How can we learn to listen to the language of the heart? And (2) How can the inner transformation connect with the outer work of social change?" H.R., attorney, and Peace Studies professor. 

    "The love and attention Jack and Maria shower on each course participant allows for a very safe and nurturing environment to do this powerful work." R.D., CFP. 

    "Powerful, intense work that opened up the transpersonal dimension in my life.   What goal is greater and more productive than accessing one's own inner healer?   I've experienced both physical and emotional healings.   Jack and Maria are both loving and fully present for clients and create an absolutely safe place to freely explore our inner realms. Kieko, the dog, adds his healing energy with great love."  A.W., writer and publicist.

    "It has been an incredible pleasure experiencing HB with Maria and Jack.  HB is a journey with your own inner healer as guide.  You can go as deeply into the healing process as your body is ready to go, and you begin to realize the truth of the statement "all healing comes from within".  In addition, Maria and Jack provide a very safe place for healing to occur, allowing you to focus on being present.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone ready for a profound shift in their experience.  If you're ready for it, it is life-changing! And the meals provided are worth the price of the workshop." D.H., D.C, Network Chiropractor.