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    Weight Loss Program

    Weight Loss or Weight Release (as I prefer to call it) through hypnosis is a series of three to five sessions designed to help clients reach their desired goals in weight reduction. Unlike programs based on specific diets, weight release through hypnosis helps the clients choose their own health regimen--a reasonable diet, which can be sustained for life, and regular exercise. To achieve those goals, hypnotherapy uses both direct suggestions and guided imagery.


    Direct Suggestions and Guided Imaginery

    Through direct suggestions, the hypnotherapist instructs the client in establishing a sane and joyful relationship with food and in eating slowly small amounts of healthy and tasty food. Suggestions also motivate clients in following a reasonable exercise regimen and more dynamic life style choices. Repeated affirmations strengthen the clients' motivation and determination in achieving their goals.

    Through guided imagery, hypnotherapy enhances the client's sense of well being, self-esteem and ability to relax. Visualizations help clients imagine end results and reframe their relationships to their bodies.


    A Better Relationship with One's Own Body

    Throughout the weight reduction program, hypnotherapist and client evaluate together goals, results, and difficulties, which might arise through the course of the program. In particular, special attention is given to emotional issues connected with the client's weight problem and to feelings, which may come up during weight release.

    After each session, clients go home with a CD recording of the session and are expected to listen to the recording every day in-between sessions. That reinforces the messages received by the subconscious during hypnotherapy and speeds up the process of weight reduction.

    The goal of the program is to create lasting results, better overall health and a more joyful rapport with one's own body.